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Staying safe during a thunderstorm

11/6/2019 (Permalink)

We love hearing hear that thunder rolling in ahead of a big thunderstorm. I’m sure we’re all guilty of going out on our porches to watch the clouds, thunder and lighting roll in. Unfortunately, this can be one of several dangerous things to do as exciting as it may be. Here are some things you should never do in a thunderstorm.

  1. Don’t stand out in the open (golf courses, porches)
  2. Taking a shower during a thunderstorm can be dangerous. If the house gets hit by lightning, the bolt can travel through water pipes and electrify you.
  3. Don’t touch a concrete structure. Often times concrete and buildings tend to have metal wires or bars through them.
  4. Don’t stand under wooden object such as a tree. Lighting can jump from tree to tree because humans conduct electricity more than trees can.
  5. You also shouldn’t lie down. You would think this might be safe as standing under a tree for example can be dangerous. Even from 100 feet away, the electric current from lighting that runs on the top of the ground can be deadly. You should crouch down in a ball and tuck your head cover your ears with your hands.
  6. Never leave your pet outside. It is just as dangerous for them to be outside as a human. A doghouse is no safer. Bring pets inside.
  7. Never touch anything wet as water conducts electricity.
  8. If someone near you has been hit by lightning, don’t be afraid to help them. You can’t be electrocuted if you touch someone who has been, humans cannot store electricity.
  9. Don’t stand near a window as windows and doors may contain metal parts that can conduct electricity.
  10. Finally, never go outside directly after a storm. You should wait at least 30 minutes.

These are some helpful things to remember to keep you, friends and family safe during a thunderstorm.

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